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Sicilian Blood Orange 15kg

Product not available

Harvesting will get back in December 2022

Shipments within Europe are subject to a cost increase which will be calculated according to the delivery area

Sicilian blood orange called Tarocco has striped red color and seedless pulp, it ripens in early December and is considered the king of oranges with high nutritional values. It is used to make Sicilian blood orange juice or even marmalade and jam. During the winter, Sicilians use it to make an orange salad with extra virgin oil, spring onion, and salt. The skin of our oranges is edible and no preservative is added. Our family harvests the fruits by hand with passion, preserving the essential oils and integrity of the fruit as well as the pulp inside it.

We harvest only when we get the order from our clients. Our door to door delivery guarantees fresh fruit boxes wherever in Europe and the UK.

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