Navelina di Permarancia
  • Navelina di Permarancia
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Navelina Blonde Orange 15 kg net

Prices out of Italy will have an increase

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Harvest will start on the 16th of November 2020. To see the prices for your country, create an account, and go to the checkout of the shop to look at the prices.

Wood Box, plastic-free packaging of 15 kg net of no waxed oranges with around 80 single units of fruits of different sizes.

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It is a variety of blond orange called Navelina, famous for its small fruit growing inside. Its peel is medium fine grain, and its color, depending on ripeness, varies from a tannic yellow to an intense orange. The presence of essential oils is very high. It ripens from October to December but can withstand even longer on the plant, increasing its degree Brix. This orange grove is managed with the aim of improving the biodiversity of plants and microorganisms living in the soil. 

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