We promote and spread a new model of agriculture.

We design, create and implement ecosystems for farms, individuals and communities.

Our main objective is to provide planning and strategic support to address the changes taking place from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

Planning is done through a multidisciplinary approach.

At the basis of the project planning and development work, there is a thorough topographical study of the area concerned, followed by data collection (knowledge of local history, study of climates and microclimates, soil structure, presence of micro-organisms, presence of water, wells, springs, roads, buildings) necessary to understand the structure of the site and its dynamics.

The study of the data, combined with the client's needs/requirements, allows us to establish what is the best possible solution for the needs and particularities of each being or element integrated or to be integrated.

We place and combine the various elements with each other, observing the precise dynamics of natural ecosystems, so that they work together and support each other. This process of synergy maximises the energy efficiency of the site (resulting in significant savings in resources such as water, time and money) and makes the landscape harmonious and rich.

What are the benefits of our design?


- Eliminate the need to use dangerous and polluting pesticides and chemical fertilisers;

- Increase biodiversity and soil fertility;

- Saving water;

- Increase and differentiate production yields;

- Stop soil erosion and eliminate the risk of drought or flooding;

- Maximising energy efficiency through the collection, conservation and processing of resources and waste, saving costs and time;

- Producing healthy, nutritious and sustainable fruits;

- Self-production of nutrients and bio-stimulants for soil and plants.


- Reduced energy costs by using renewable sources and less energy use;

- Water saving;

- Improved waste management through reuse or recycling on site;

- Carbon sequestration;

- Increased sustainability resulting in increased market competitiveness;

- Being part of the change and being able to convey this message to their customers.


- Improving health, both physical and mental by connecting with nature;

- Self-produce healthy and nutritious food;

- Create a sustainable business;

- Save money and energy;

- Live a positive experience that benefits the environment.

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