Our polyculture is mainly based on two varieties of oranges, a blond called Navel and a Sicilian blood orange Tarocco. Those two citrus groves have an extension of nearly 3 ha, adjoining a grazing land and an abandoned olive grove, on a hill of 250 meters above sea level.

Our cultivation methods came from the study of Permaculture Design mixed with regenerative agriculture and the natural agriculture of Masanobu Fukuoka. We use strategies to cultivate stable and sustainable polycultures orange grove to produce fruit with a high level of nutrients while enhancing the stability of natural ecosystems. 

We apply practices and principles of regenerative agriculture, which look after at the topsoil and biodiversity. Through the no-till, integrated pest management, composting and inoculation of beneficial microorganisms, we aim to store carbon in the soil and water in the organic matter, to reverse land degradation and improve fertility. In that way, we grow healthy plants to get high-quality fruit for humans and the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. 

About us

We are two brothers (Angelo and Giuseppe Branca) that after discovering permaculture design science, in 2013, we decided to buy a piece of land to begin a new adventure. A Permaculture farm project to maintain ecosystems' integrity, to safeguard biodiversity and at the same time produce fruit with high nutrients for us and for people. Today, we are proud to have created a fruit farm that delivers food boxes to your door through our website, sending you fresh fruit directly from trees.

Delivery to your door

We deliver our food box with DHL courier in Italy, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. During the time of dispatch, you can track your boxes with DHL On-demand service and our assistance.