Agricultural and Business Consulting

After years of university study in Italy, work experience abroad, and agricultural skills acquired from Permaculture design and from Syntropic and Agroforestry farming techniques, Permarancia offers services of design, implementation, and management of sustainable projects in the field of agriculture and environment.

Being members of the Italian Institute of Permaculture, the company surrounds itself with collaborators with high competence in the design of Permaculture projects, the latter scattered throughout the national territory.

We try to find solutions to improve soil fertility, increase biodiversity, and the quality of life of people, plants, and animals, while never neglecting the economic point of view. 

How the design work is divided:

-Data collection of customer needs

-Topographical surveys of the land and mapping

-Analysis of soil and plants

-Analysis of water sources

-Crop Plant Planning

-Annual soil and crop management strategic plan

-Implementation Program

-Final Project Mapping

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