The real organic fruit

The real organic fruit

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Many are not aware of what Natural Agriculture and Permaculture are, but everyone knows well the intensive agriculture, a model of cultivation that has to maximize the yields of each crop.

This model, adopting no moral ethics, implements massive irrigations, excessive doses of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, continuous mechanical processing of the soil, causing erosion and lost of organic matter.

Natural Agriculture and Permaculture, on the other hand, brings together all those techniques able to benefit from the soil nutrients without impoverishing it. With our techniques, we create biofertilizers or biostimulants using brown pruning waste, green weeds, and manure. All these practices have multiple advantages, they are able to add nutrients at the various crops and at the same time enrich the soils on a mineral and biological level, giving the fruit the right natural flavor improving the content of sugar in it.

Speaking of natural agriculture means at the same time talking about Permaculture, the science that manages to create systems that best respect the ethics of the environment, soil, and human beings.


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