In the territory of Centuripe, in Sicily in 2013, it came up the idea of establishing a farm for our family. We wanted to realize a farm project based on principles, values, and ethics. The needs were a lot, and the point was that we wanted to bring back what was once soil cultivation and conservation, and respect for the earth. After discovering permaculture design science, in 2013 we decided to buy a piece of land to begin a new adventure, following our way for a sustainable lifestyle. We have been loving Nature since we were kids and we found unacceptable that today's fruit we eat in the world link to environmental pollution and is not focused on humans health. This means that all of the fruit and veggie marketed, are contaminated by a pesticide used for their growing. This process of farming and processing food, produce waste and pollution, creating soil erosion and loss of fertility. From this analysis begin our journey towards the creation of a Permaculture farm project, where the ecological ecosystems of that land will give us an abundance of food. Maintaining ecosystems integrity, struggling against the looting of the environment, respecting the animals and safeguard biodiversity are our priorities, and today we are happy to share this path with people.

Max Planck

When you look at things in another way, things will change !!

How we farm

We have two varieties, a blond orange called Navel and a crimson bloody variety called Tarocco. These two citrus groves have an extension of nearly 1.5 ha, adjoining with a grazing land, an abandoned olive grove. Only a small part is close to a conventional citrus grove. Our cultivation methods came from the study of Permaculture, an ethical design science. We apply design processes to realize a stable and sustainable life models. It helps to manage landscapes for cultivation which meets the needs of the people such as food, energy, residence, wealth, and stability of natural ecosystems. Further, we apply practices and principles of regenerative agriculture, which look after at the topsoil and biodiversity. Through the no-till, integrated pest management, composting and inoculation of beneficial microorganism. We aim to store carbon in the plant and water in the soil, to reverse land degradation and improve fertility. In that way, we grow healthy plants to get high-quality fruit for humans and the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere.

Our Mission

To share our surplus and to self-finance the project we decided to design this e-commerce. To sell oranges directly to people who believe in a sustainable agriculture, for the future of the planet. We want to share them in Italy and some countries in Europe, with those who like to enjoy Sicilian oranges grown with respect for people and the earth. The regeneration of soil of the two cultivars aims to transform these monocultures into a forest garden, following an ethical design science and using only regenerative farming practices. Our process from picking oranges to packaging into a wood recyclable box is made only in one step, from tree to the box and then we send to people. This design becomes a place for sharing knowledge, ideas and sustainable food, hoping to improve our land soil and health of people who taste it.



we do not disturb the soil and do not waste KW of energy to move it, we inoculate beneficial microorganisms from self-produced compost.


we do not buy and use Mineral Oil from refining oil, we increase the biodiversity of plants and animals


we do carbon sequestration leaving organic matter in the soil, without burning in a post-pruning time.


to supply electricity, we use energy from renewable resources

And more


Buy Sicilian oranges and support our project, we ship to your home
in Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands.
Our box is plastic free and can be recycled.

Navel Orange

Box of 17 kg.

It is a variety of blond orange, famous for its small fruit growing inside. Its peel is medium fine grain, and its color, depending on ripeness, varies from a tannic yellow to an intense orange. The presence of essential oils is very high. It ripens from October to December but can withstand even longer on the plant, increasing its degree Brix. We bought this orange grove after two years it was grafted.


Arancia Tarocco

Blood Orange Tarocco

Box of 17 kg.

This variety of blood Sicilian orange with streaked red and seedless pulp mature in early December (in some areas even at the end of November), it has a spheroidal shape somewhat crushed in the epochal part. The skin has medium thickness and very soft color. It is a typical table orange, good to eat and easy to peel. Age of citrus 46 years old.



We are active members of the Italian Institute of Permaculture (www.permaculturaitalia.net) and our property is a branch of it in Sicily. Pietro Zucchetti is our supported instructor of PRI Australia that granted us the 72 hours PDC. Supporting some of the activities of the Institute and other projects developing in Italy, we offer our contribution in terms of Permaculture Design and real applications.

Our learning pathway with the Permaculture Association UK, to get the diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, is providing us the opportunity to improve our projects and that of others.